What type of paint do you use?

I'm actually not using paint. I make all the plates, vases, mugs, and other items that I paint on out of wet porcelain clay by handbuilding or throwing on a pottery wheel. Once the clay has dried to the "leather-hard" state, I paint on the items with Amaco Velvet Underglazes. I then scratch through the underglaze to reveal the white clay underneath and add details. 

How can I buy your pottery?

You can purchase my pottery here in my online shop. Pottery is a very time consuming art. Each piece is carefully formed from wet porcelain clay, painted, then dried very slowly over several weeks to avoid cracking. It is then fired two times in a very hot kiln. Each firing takes a day to heat up and a day to cool down. This process limits the amount of pieces I am able to produce each month. I update my online shop as often as I can, but when I'm busy in the studio making new work, the shop is often sold out. Subscribe to my email newsletter to get notifications about shop updates.

Can I place a custom order?

I do very few custom orders, but it never hurts to ask. Send me an email to beccajane.koehler@gmail.com